Of Allowance and Complaint

Salam readers..

Sometimes, some people just don't really care about others. Just because they have nothing to do with each other. In other words, your problem is your problem, and mine is mine. 

Until there come a point in their life when they also caught into the same circle of problem. Then, unity will be needed to express the feeling of being oppressed and having our rights unfulfilled. 

Many people can complaint, but only little take the risk of doing action.

Here in my campus (IPDA), allowances is the in-thing problem at the moment. And as students who have needs which require money, so we should complaint!

My question is.. where does the money go?? wondering..

Here in my country (Malaysia), so many rights of people left abandoned or rather people were being cheated. Yet they never know or rather don't want to know.

And here I am, complaining and complaining. In my own way. Because I have my rights being unfulfilled by the people who should have done it!

Oh ya, complaining does not mean I am angry. :D

Peace! no war! :)


  1. tu la masalah ipda..money,money, and money again...bila complaint dikata x bersyukur..sabar je la abg andi :)

    1. itulah. mudah2an akan masuk secepatnya. kesian kt shbt2 yg sewa rumah di luar. ditekan utk byr sewa sdgkn elaun xmasuk lg. mudah2an Allah permudahkan urusan kita smua. inshaAllah

    2. kami ni la golongannya... next week klu x byar insyaallah akan dihalau... Bil Air, bil api, bil internet juga akn dipotong... doakanlah kami yg dduk luar ni.ckup terseksa.



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