Promoting the Department of Chemistry, Uni of Sheffield

Me and Despina Kladidis

The photo was taken during our lab session. It was the organic experiment if I were not mistaken. Dr Simon Jones was randomly shout offering anyone of us in the lab who wanted to be the model. Since everyone was so busy doing the experiment, so it was me and some other friends came up to accept the offer as we were kind of 'relax' at that time. 

There were actually three of us doing the photoshoot and Dr Simon did mentioned that the media man will choose any of the picture that they like and put them on the department website. And there you go, my picture with Despina was chosen. We were somehow promoting the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield. :)

p/s: I just returned from a spring trip and so I was tanned. lol


  1. Nice blog layout. I'm so proud of you because you know how to grab the opportunity around you. Feel so motivated. hihi...

    1. Hey. thanks. Sometimes, opportunity only come once in a lifetime in which we need to decide now or never. :p



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